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The Bell Tower on 34th – About Us


Beautiful Venue, Delicious Food, Award Winning Service. Let us be your guide. Keep up-to-date with The Bell Tower on 34th through our brand new YouTube channel, here!

Higher Quality and More Variety and Value!


Often imitated, never duplicated, The Bell Tower on 34th is well known for quality and value and is tried and true. This is a benefit. Many other wedding and special event venues try but fail to duplicate the unmatched Bell Tower on 34th experience of the delicious food, professional service, and one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

The Bell Tower on 34th is a one-of-a-kind venue and is not a franchise, so you can rest assured your event will not be a cookie-cutter event in a place that looks like other “same owner” or franchise locations.

The Bell Tower on 34th has a very good reputation in all areas worth looking at. This is a benefit. The reviews are real-world feedback from real clients. There is no clause about reviews in your contract agreement. Even dissatisfied clients have been promptly and properly responded to in a timely and professional manner. This is what you want from your wedding and special event venue.

You need not be concerned about longevity. The Bell Tower on 34th is family-owned and very well established. Same owners, same name, and same location since 2009. Check out our story and read about how we got our start.

Another benefit to hosting your event at The Bell Tower on 34th is its beauty from the outside. When your guests pull into our gates, the outside of the building does not look like an office building, warehouse, or a shopping center. What this means is you will also be able to enjoy many photo opportunities because of the beautiful gardens and outdoor areas.

What we are not. We are not a tent or a house, or a box, or a boat, or a train. The Bell Tower on 34th was always originally intended for entertaining your guests, so it’s well-suited to accommodate the flow of well-organized formal events. Your event spaces are well planned so you won’t have to guess how your decor and floor plan are supposed to work, with built-in bars, and restrooms, for example. Your guests will thank you for hosting your event in a natural and comfortable feeling space. High ceilings, marble floors, and beautiful mahogany Chiavari chairs give your event that special feel you have always wanted.

The Bell Tower on 34th is certified by the Department of Health. Benefit: cleanliness of the venue and safe healthy food-handling practices.

The Bell Tower on 34th does not charge you extra for seated dinners. Benefit: whether you decide you want to host a buffet-style event or a seated dinner, the price is the same.

The Bell Tower on 34th has built-in beauty. With the beautiful architecture, you get great opportunities for photos as well as eliminating the need for expensive pipe and drape which decorators may often require at other venues. This one benefit alone can save you thousands of dollars!

Another benefit of hosting your event at The Bell Tower on 34th is the classic long aisle for your ceremony. The Bell Tower features dedicated ceremony spaces that include the classic wedding aisle that so many venues simply do not have. If you wish, you may choose to host a ceremony and a reception without having to “turn” a room.

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At The Bell Tower On 34th, we take your satisfaction very seriously. For that reason, we sincerely enjoy receiving feedback.

Not only does your feedback help us, but it also helps future guests have a superior experience when they choose our venue.

Plus, leaving us a review is now easier than ever – you can do so through a simple online form! Please take the time to let us know how we’re doing.

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Always Included Event Producer Services


The Bell Tower on 34th provides free of charge event producer services with your venue rental agreement. You are hosting your event at the premier event venue in Houston and you are reserving your event producer and their professional services for your added peace of mind.

These are the primary duties of your event producer which are included in the overall contract price:

Your knowledgeable event producer will explain our value offer and options and answer any questions throughout the process.

Your event producer will also be responsible for taking notes for your event and update our system with the information about your event so that the rest of our team will know about it.

The event producer will schedule, attend and coordinate your rehearsal.

Additionally, your event producer will deliver tasting remarks to the culinary team so the food is perfect on your big day. (Attending the tasting is on a case by case basis, more importantly Chef’s hand-picked team facilitates tastings).

Your event producer will offer thoughts on vendor selections, will advise you on the design of your floor plan and create one for your approval, and make sure operations provisions for your event.

Day of: arrive at The Bell Tower on 34th prior to vendor load-in, assist with vendor load-in and tables setup.

Meet with Chef and event manager for 15 minutes prior to the event starting.

Monitor the order of events, buffet or seated dinner, stay through cake cutting or dinner service.

Make sure that we have Champagne flutes, cake knives and that the event manager knows who to give them to at the end of the night.

Additional expanded services of our event producers services are also available for a small additional fee.

An Exclusive Feel


Each area of The Bell Tower on 34th is private. Your guests will not need to share common areas such as a hotel lobby, common restrooms, and common hallways, foyers, or parking garage. Benefit: at The Bell Tower on 34th, your space is private.

Valet parking for your guests is included in your price for the event day, so your guests will not have to walk through the facility for your wedding “send off”. Spare your guests the agony of a long walk to and from your event. Your guests and vendors will save steps and thank you!

The Bell Tower on 34th has a service fee of 19%. Many hotels charge you 23% plus city hotel taxes are also added to that fee. Not here at The Bell Tower on 34th.

The Bell Tower has among the lowest prices for alcoholic beverage packages in the industry. Benefit: The Bell Tower has among the lowest prices for alcoholic beverage packages in the industry.

Your Executive Chef, Chef Sergio Arellano and his expert culinary team are onsite. Benefit: your guests who have special dietary needs can be accommodated, the food will be served with the right temperature, fresh, and delicious. You will not run out of food.

The Bell Tower on 34th partner hotels can provide a convenient hotel shuttle to and from your event so you can avoid inconvenience to your guests and an additional transportation costs.

The Bell Tower on 34th owns all of its equipment, so you will not have the expensive extra charges from the venue for tables, chairs, basic linens, stemware, and buffet equipment. Benefit: rented equipment requires more people, scheduling, and cost on a day that you shouldn’t need to bother.

The staff that works at The Bell Tower on 34th are loyal and trained. Unlike other venues that rely on agency or temporary staff, we truly care about the success of your event.

The Bell Tower on 34th has negotiated partnerships with special pricing with vendors. The Benefit: more savings for you. You are not required to use those vendors, however.

The Bell Tower on 34th does allow real rose petals down the aisle.

There is no fee for cutting your wedding cake or champagne toasts at The Bell Tower on 34th.

The Bell Tower on 34th provides you a built-in customer hub where you can ask questions, check your balance, make your payments, and manage your credit cards on file.

The Bell Tower on 34th has a very keen sense of time. Venues that do not value time or are too casual about time can ruin your event.

The Bell Tower on 34th provides you with a helpful onsite coordinator to help you on your wedding or special event day.