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With you in mind, Executive Chef Sergio Arellano has assembled a high quality international team of the best talented culinary professionals and experts just for you and your guests.

You asked for Asian food and you will get the real thing. Chef Ken Luu is an established and dedicated culinary leader and is an accomplished graduate of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in New York, with over 20 years of culinary expertise and wisdom from both sides of the ocean. Be sure to ask about our fantastic Asian menu options when you meet with us.

For your authentic variety of North Indian, South Indian, or Indochinese needs, Chef Banerji is the answer. Born and raised in India, Chef Banerji understands the subtle intricacies of flavors from that part of the world. You will love the Chicken 65, made with the perfect balance of 65 different spices and seasonings, just for you!




10 New Winter Wedding Ideas

If you’re considering getting married in the winter months, these wedding ideas for January nuptials might spark your imagination to create the perfect day.

Winter Weddings: Advantages

Although spring and early summer are more popular times for weddings, there are many advantages to a winter wedding, especially in January. Since that month is after the winter holidays, and before what is considered the rush of the bridal “season,” you may find the venue of your choice more available and have your pick of dates and times. You also have a wonderful variety of themes to choose from that work well with a wedding taking place in this month, no matter what climate you are in.

 January Wedding Themes

Many weddings today start with a theme to plan around. For January and winter weddings, theme ideas might include:

  • Blizzard or winter weather
  • Winter wonderland
  • Snowflakes/ and or Icicle theme
  • “Alaskan” or “Arctic” theme
  • A fun “summer” theme that might contrast with the cold or blustery weather
  • Whimsical penguins, polar bears, or other animals that live in cold climates
  • A New Year’s/New Beginnings theme
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Snow White
  • A “Golden” wedding – gold was first discovered in California in January in 1848
  • Formal wedding themes

Your invitations, cake, favors, and décor can all be coordinated with the theme you’ve chosen.

 January Wedding Colors

A January wedding works well with many colors. Any shade of blue, silver, and white are gorgeous choices for a winter wedding in this month. Although pastel shades are largely reserved for spring weddings, several pastel shades, such as ice blue or baby blue, lavender, or dusty rose are perfect “icy” options. Rich, deep, elegant colors such as the following also work well for a January or winter wedding:

  • Navy
  • Midnight Blue
  • Plum
  • Burgundy
  • Garnet
  • Emerald
  • Hunter Green
  • Gold
  • Deep Aqua/Turquoise

Who wants Cake? Wedding Cake Ideas


Inspired by vintage brooch bouquets, this genius baker adorned a pearlescent tiered wedding cake with bejeweled fondant flowers.


The hand-cut accordion folds on this wedding cake were fashioned from gum paste.


We can totally see this pop-art creation at a gallery reception. Love the contrast of the square tiers and sugar-paste rings.


For an architectural twist on the chevron, baker Allison Kelleher used hundreds of hand-cut fondant tiles.

Get a Glimpse into Olympic Gold Medalist Tara Lipinski’s Engagement Party


Olympic medalist Tara Lipinski brought home the gold for the United States in the 1998 ladies’ singles figure skating competition, but now, she’s taking on a different kind of adventure – saying “I do!” Tara and fiancé Todd Kapostasy have been engaged since last year, and the pair was ecstatic to be able to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with an engagement fête in Beverly Hills on Saturday (May 21st, 2016). “Due to our hectic work schedules, Todd and I aren’t able to officially tie the knot until 2017, but we couldn’t wait that long to celebrate,” Tara shares. “Having an engagement party was a great chance for our friends and family to get to know each other better and get excited for the big day.”

With the help of celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss, Tara selected an elegant white-and-gold concept for her event, hosted by Wedding Paper Divas, and filled the space with simple, low floral arrangements in shades of ivory. The event also featured a sentimental painting of the moment Todd proposed to Tara, which appeared on the invitations and serving trays, as well as the couple’s custom Snapchat filter created for the party. Guests enjoyed celebrating with the happy couple through lively dancing, and a personalized photo booth that featured specialty props – including a fake gold medal to honor Tara and a fake Emmy to honor Todd’s sports Emmy.

Adrienne Bailon Is Engaged! Be Inspired by Her Ring!


Singer and television personality Adrienne Bailon announced her engagement to Israel Houghton, a gospel singer, over the weekend on a trip to Paris. The cohost of The Real and former member of 3LW and The Cheetah Girls shared the news on her Instagram. Adrienne showed off her multi-carat cushion-cut diamond featuring a halo and thin pavé band by taking a video that showed the ring sparkle in front of the similarly sparkling Eiffel Tower.

Her engagement ring reflects the popularity of halo rings, though hers is decidedly more opulent than the average bride might receive. If you also adore cushion-cuts, halos, and delicate bands glittering with diamonds, then you will enjoy the below collection of engagement rings worn by real brides. Be sure to click on each photo for further inspiration from their nuptials!

Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of Princess Kate, recently announced her engagement to James Matthews, who works in finance. Pippa first grabbed the attention of the world as a bridesmaid in the royal wedding, looking absolutely stunning in a form-fitting ivory gown to complement her sister’s long-sleeved lace number. The couple first dated back in 2012, but subsequently split and were apart for several years. They rekindled their romance late last year and seem to be as happy as ever. According to a joint statement, they plan to marry in 2017. One thing the pair have in common is a famous sibling – James’ brother, Spencer Matthews, is a British reality star, appearing on 10 seasons of Made in Chelsea.

James proposed to Pippa with a unique ring that combines vintage Art Deco style with a modern look. The center stone is an Asscher-cut diamond, an uncommon choice, as step-cut gems require nearly flawless clarity. Instead of the popular halos of this decade, the ring features a segmented octagonal border. Both the halo and center stone are in a bezel setting, which lends itself to modernity.

If Pippa’s bling has caught your eye, we’ve gathered similar styles below from real weddings. Their influences span from vintage, geometric shapes, step-cuts, and halos – so no matter what part of Pippa’s ring you love, you’re sure to find further inspiration with these pieces.

Weddings Inspired by Style Icons!


They say that inspiration comes to us when it’s least expected. When it comes to your wedding day, sometimes, inspiration can come from the people you most admire. There have been many celebrities over the years who have been revered as “style icons” for their innovative taste and commitment to their personal brand.
Inside Weddings: In your opinion, are there specific style icons that work best as wedding inspiration?
Jordan Payne: Absolutely. There are several style mavens that have held true over the decades, like Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor. Their classic, timeless vibe can be translated into gorgeous weddings for any era. And for a different, more unusual look that is always on trend, I get a lot of inspiration from Alexander McQueen, which is definitely more avant garde!

IW: How do you appropriately incorporate this kind of inspiration into your invitations, ensemble, décor, etc?
JP: Looking at just more than the style icon but also at their era and the things that were on trend during that time provides fun elements that you can incorporate into the overall design. One of my favorite florals to use for Grace Kelly-glam style are garden roses.

IW: What are a few decor elements that could really transform a space in this sense?
JP: Small details here and there can go a long way toward achieving the entire wedding look. I always pay close attention to the escort cards as well as little things like the type of napkin fold and even decorative details on the plates that best accentuate the tabletop setting.

IW: Is there such thing as “going overboard” when taking ideas from celebrities?
JP: No, as long as you are true to yourself! Always ensure the décor and style represent you and your look – and that whatever you decide to do, you can look back on it and still love it 20 years later!

IW: Do you have any personal favorite style icons?
JP: I love Alexander McQueen! He is one of my absolute favorites. Everything about him is edgy, unique, and creative. I love that you can play off of his funky vibe and bring in a more classic element to balance it out for a cool, modern look.

IW: Do you have any stories or examples of couples you’ve worked with that were influenced by celebrities/their style?
JP: The Kim Kardashian wedding is a big one! I’ve had many brides inspired by the all-white bridesmaid dresses that she had her wedding party wear, and they’ve done the same. While it’s new and definitely non-traditional, the look can be crisp and modern – especially when bridesmaids wear white dresses in different styles.

IW: Anything else you’d like to add on the subject that we didn’t cover?
JP: Custom-made décor and accents are one of the things we do best, as well as anything “over the top!” That’s my favorite style! I loved using silks of different kinds to create some really cool draped sections inside a custom tent. We are also designing some amazing custom-painted ceiling panels for an upcoming event! I love transforming spaces with customized options, from custom ceilings and walls to flooring and furniture elements.