New Wedding Trends!

Weddings that Give Back

Our society has gotten increasingly charitable over the years. With many couples getting married at an older age or after they’ve been living together, registries have been harder to put together as they find that they don’t need as much. Instead of trying to find something they want but may not need, they ask their guests to donate to one of their favorite nonprofits. Many couples are even using charitable donations as a more meaningful and personal wedding favor.

 Multi-Use Wedding Decorations

Wooden and calligraphy decorated signs have become more popular since 2016. Many of those signs are being reused in different weddings or given away to charities. However, we believe that the decorations of 2017 weddings will be more focused on a multi-use purpose. While they’ll be displayed on the big day, the ultimate location will be displayed in their future home together.

 Trendy and Unique Flowers

No, we’re not saying that peonies are going away. We’re just suggesting that they will be paired with some unique and more untraditional flowers. King proteas are going to make a huge showing, as well as moss, berries, and jewel-colored florals.

 The Main Attraction

Backdrops at the reception and ceremony are going to be more decadent and aimed to act as a major focal point of the entire wedding. These focal points may come in the form of a floral or greenery backdrop, a building, ribbons, or even an art piece.

Keeping it Intimate and Surprising

Fewer couples are opting for a large extravagant wedding. We’re betting 2017 will be the year of destination and city hall weddings.


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