Wedding Flowers’ Symbolic Meanings

There is a language of flowers―whether you or anyone at your wedding is fluent in this language is another question. One idea: Give each bridesmaid a bouquet featuring a signature flower whose meaning suits her personality. Attach a note to the bouquet explaining why you picked that bloom for her. Here are some of the hidden meanings.

Amaranthus: Constancy and fidelity

Amaryllis: Pride, pastoral beauty

Anemone: Abandonment, forsakenness, sincerity, fragility

Chrysanthemum: Happiness and long life

Chrysanthemum (White): Truth

Chrysanthemum (Yellow): Secret admirer

Chrysanthemum (Red): Love

Daffodil (a.k.a. Narcissus): Respect, good fortune, chivalry, unrequited love

Daisy: Innocence, loyal love, purity

Forget-Me-Not: Faithful love and memory, true love

Iris: Faith and wisdom, inspiration

Ivy: Fidelity, wedded love, affection

Lilac: First love

Lily: Purity and sweetness

Lily of the Valley: Renewed happiness and humility

Orchid: Love and beauty

Peony: Happiness and prosperity

Rose (Red): Love and desire

Rose (White): Purity and innocence

Sweet Pea: Departure

Tulip: True love

Violet: Modesty

Zinnia: Thoughts of friends, thoughts of absent friends


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