Always Included “Event Producer” Services


The Bell Tower on 34th provides free of charge Event Producer services with your venue rental agreement. You are hosting your event at the premier event venue in Houston and you are reserving your Event Producer and their professional services for your added peace of mind.

These are the primary duties of your Event Producer which are included in the overall contract price:

Your knowledgeable Event Producer will explain our Value Offer and options and answer any questions throughout the process.

Your Event Producer will also be responsible for taking notes for your event, and update our system with the information about your event so that the rest of our team will know about it.

The Event Producer will schedule, attend and coordinate your rehearsal.

Additionally, your Event Producer deliver tasting remarks to the Culinary Team so the food is perfect on your big day. (Attending the tasting is on a case by case basis, more importantly Chef’s hand-picked team facilitates tastings).

Your Event Producer will offer thoughts on Vendor selections, will advise you on the design of your Floor Plan and create one for your approval, and make sure Operations provisions for your event.

Day of: Arrive at Bell Tower on 34th prior to Vendor Load In, assist with vendor load in and tables set up.

Meet with Chef & Event Manager for 15 minutes prior to event starting.

Monitor the Order of Events, Buffet or Seated Dinner, stay through Cake Cutting or dinner service

Make sure that we have champagne flutes, cake knives and that the event manager knows who to give to at the end of the night.


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