Halloween Season is Near!


Get your invitations ready for this upcoming Halloween!

You made a guest list, sent out Halloween party invitations and decked the house with cobwebs and jack-o-lanterns. Now, all that’s left is finalizing all of the fiendish festivities! But don’t let your Halloween celebration become unnecessarily hair-raising–Tiny Prints can help! Beyond providing stylish Halloween party invitations, we also have the inside scoop on fun party tricks and treats that everyone will enjoy.

Whether you want to host a family friendly event or a chic adult affair, indicate the level of formality on your Halloween party invitation. If you expressly invite children on the Halloween invitation, you may want to include fun crafts and games for them to participate in. Classic fall games like pin the spider on the web or bob for apples are always entertaining, and Halloween’s spookiness provides endless inspiration for crafts. Try dipping wet white cloth in a glue and water mixture, then draping it over something round while it dries to create little ghost shapes. You can also have kids help dip their own caramel apples.

If you choose to have a more sophisticated Halloween soirée, make sure to let guests know through your Halloween party invitations. Always refrain from directly asking guests to leave the kids at home on the Halloween invitation itself. Instead, a well-designed and diplomatic Halloween party invitation might state, “While the kids are out trick-or-treating …” or “Book your babysitter now!” For adult-only parties, you can offer prizes for winners of various categories in a costume contest–funniest costume, most creative costume, best imitation of a character and overall best costume are all great award categories.

In addition to setting the tone, your Halloween party invitation should explain whether or not dinner will be served at the event. If you are planning to stick with ominous hors d’oeuvres like lady fingers and deviled eggs, you may want to state that monstrous munchies and a bubbling witch’s brew will be available. You can also make dessert spiders using chocolate cookies as bodies and thin black licorice for legs!

With a little imagination, Halloween can be full of exciting tricks and treats for revelers of all ages!


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