How to Make the Most of a Rainy Wedding Day

But rain is good luck on your wedding day!” Try telling that to the bride who spent a year planning the perfect outdoor ceremony and reception, with a backup plan that’s just not quite as good as the original. If rain is in your wedding-day forecast, no need to add to the downpour with tears of your own. Rainy-day weddings definitely aren’t full of bad luck when you have adorable rain boots, whimsical umbrellas, and a set of enchanting, romantic photos.

1. You know what they say about kissing in the rain…

kissing in the rain

Photo Credit: Unplugged Photography on Bridal Guide via

2. Give your gals whimsical parasols — in your color palette, of course.

bridesmaids with umbrellas

Photo Credit: Always Focused on You on Bella Umbrella via

3. Be prepared for the chill in the air with a comfortably and stylish coat.

bride with rain jacket

Photo Credit: Bragi Þór Jósefsson on Inspired By This via

4. Don’t forget to keep your guests out of the rain — set out umbrellas, and encourage sharing.

wedding guests with umbrellas

5. End-of-summer nuptials should always have a rainy-day plan, especially one with coral umbrellas and matching flowers.

summer rain wedding

Photo Credit: Engaged & Inspired via

6. We love these pretty polka dot rain boots:

polka dot rain boots

Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks via

7. What’s hiding under your gown?

rain boots under wedding gown

Photo Credit: Engaged & Inspired via

8. Stay in the “clear” with a chic umbrella.

bride and groom under a clear umbrella

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina on Heart Love Weddings via

9. Have fun with your bridesmaids in an unexpected downpour.

downpour at wedding

Photo Credit: Our Labor of Love on Inspired By This via

10. And remember — at the end of the storm, there’s always a rainbow.

rainbow at wedding


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